Publications & Presentations

Under Construction

E.Read Källblad 2015. Opening out the Urban University Campus. Presentation at the University of Northampton Urban Universities conference July 2015. Contact me for a copy!

E.Read Källblad 2015. Learning to see communities in the university campus development process. Presentation at the University of Sheffield Communiversity conference May 2015. Contact me for a copy!

E.Källblad 2013. Urban Thinkscapes: designing for the public production of knowledge. Masters Dissertation City Design and Social Science MSc. London School of Economics. Contact me for a copy!

E. Kallblad, 2013. Urban Thinkscapes. Presentation at  MultipliCity Conference, 21st June 2013, held at University College London. Contact me for the slides!

M, Alegra Escorza, E. Källblad, N. Kaufmann & M. Riebel 2013. Growing-Up Local in Local City. London School of Economics, City Design 2012-13. Available from here:

Aalto University Campus Vision 2011.

Focusing on Quality: KTH International Research Assessment Exercise 2008. Available from here:!/Menu/general/column-content/attachment/rae_project_report.pdf

European Commission CREST Report: Encourage the reform of public research centres and universities, in particular to promote transfer of knowledge to society and industry. 2006. Available from here: 

Källblad, E. 2005. The Organisation of Third Mission Funding in the United Kingdom. VINNOVA publication. Avalible from here:

Källblad, E., A. Bröstrom, A. Rader Olsson, G. Reitberger & F. Snickars 2005. The KTH Entrepreneurial Faculty Project. Available from VINNOVA here:

Källblad, E. 2001.  Charactered Through Body and Art: An Interpretive Study of Central Indian Rock Art. PhD Thesis submitted to the University of Cambridge and available in the UC University Library.



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